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About us


AceConsulting comprises Specialised Consultants that offers Professional Audit, Accounting and Tax Services throughout Nigeria. We provide back-office accounting, bookkeeping and taxation services. Our aim is to reduce the burden of critical noncore functions by managing them in a more efficient, productive, and profitable manner. By doing so, we seek to support and enhance the business performance of our customers.

Managed Accounting with us is cost efficient. You get a dedicated team for less than what it would normally cost to hire one in-house professional accountant. Our teams comprise of skilled Consultants designated ACA, CNA, ACTI, MBA, BSc, HND, ATS etc led by experienced members of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) and Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN).A team of Consultants is only a phone call, instant message, or e-mail away to provide prompt and accurate top-notch services for you.

We have followed a trend led by large companies i.e. outsourcing back-office functions remotely. All these companies have netted savings worth millions of Naira. By using our services for select processes your Company and MDAs will realise substantial savings and efficiency. We are an outsourced Accounting and Taxation company providing the backup support of Accounting and Book-Keeping services by using our expertise and access to the latest technologies i.e. Cloud Computing. We have been engaged as Tax Audit Monitoring Agent (TAMA) for State Government’s Internal Revenue Services

Small and medium sized businesses with revenues ranging between ₦500 Million and ₦25,000 per month can benefit from our bookkeeping services. Like you, we understand the difficulties of operating a small business, and we specialize in small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Bookkeeping is done by our best staff professionally trained from and skilled to do the job. Leveraging of economies of scale is the key. We have developed systems and procedures for our staff making us far less vulnerable to employee turnover than with an in-house bookkeeper.

We have team of professionals in accounts and finance jobs. They shall be available to meet/ understand your systems and needs for book keeping process. They will be the ones who will co-ordinate between you and your book keeping. In fact you get a part time CFO for your business. We also have an application for online meeting with our experts, of which we can share files (soft copies), computer screen recording during meetings and Voice Over IP in a secured VPN mode similar to banking industry security transmission.

You have dedicated staff available via E-mail, Chat or Phone for any questions or clarifications.

All your accounting records presently are in an unlocked file. We maintain international standards for security measures by using 128-bit encryption which is used by big banks or corporate to access and process information. It is considered secure and dependable. We assure that you and only people authorized by you are privy to your data/information

No not at all, you have a professional within Nigeria who is responsible for everything. You have better control, access, reliability, internally audited data & reporting. Most business owners are probably out of control right now with inaccurate accounting data or staff that leave.

That is what we also do and specialize in. By logging to your system every evening we update your accounting records from scanned documents or excel copy of your receipts and payments that are stored there. So, next day morning you have your updated accounts available in your system ready for your use.

Of course not. We offer to take away your bookkeeping/accounting , balanced books and prepare income tax returns; however, we do work closely with accountants of your choice. We work in partnership with your CFO, Controller, CITN, and ACA/CNA who are on the spots of economic events with our prepared reports, get an accurate data that which they can use to help you build more wealth. We encourage our clients to use their accountants to monitor activities on the spot such as ensuring that the suppliers supply accurately both in quantity and quality. Also ensuring that the customers are given satisfaction paid for, and put our prepared report into use, follow up receivables, and payable to get discounts.

All the users expressly authorized by you can have to access your data. Access level one authorized your accountant to review your data and Access level 2 authorizes him to review or change your data.. Do I need to have some costly “high-end” computer in my office for you to work remotely? No additional hardware costs. The system that you use now for your regular work will do just fine. You don’t need to invest on any additional equipment.

It is not easy to find a good bookkeeper, chartered accountants, dedicated worker and professional goal-getter at very minimal cost. That is why you need our services so that you do not keep on training and re-training accountants on what you can outsource but free them for use in better way to add value into your core business.